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Anglican Studies, Biblical Studies, Theology, and Ministry Courses are available at different levels to laity, ordination candidates, and clergy.

Video Teachings

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Women's Ordination: The Growing Edge of the Church

This 50 minute teaching was presented at the First Provincial Retreat for Women in Holy Orders, Woodbridge, VA on Oct 19, 2011. The message describes the significance that interpretive method and world view have in the discussion about women's ordination. Scripture holds up women's ordination as a goal for the mature Body of Christ. We today are living on the growing edge of the Church as she moves in that direction. Allow time for buffering.

Ordination Sermon: Be, Be Made Ready, Do

This 23 minute sermon was presented at the Ordination of Jessica Hughes at All Saints' Church on Jan 22, 2012. God calls us to BE His people, to Be Transformed by Him, and also to serve in the power of His Spirit. BEING is as much an action verb as DOING. Allow time for buffering.

Articles and Group Studies

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